Amy Lee

Amy is a Taiwanese-Aussie illustrator based in Sydney, known for her whimsically sweet and offbeat style. Her favourite things to work with are pastel pencils and gouache, and she has embraced working digitally too. She does freelance illustration work involving children’s home decor, greeting card designs and has licensed designs for local and international brands, including La La Land, Billie & Axel, and The Wall Sticker Company. She is currently working on a medical-themed ABC book with a fellow doctor authoring the text. She has been shortlisted for the Five Mile Press’ 2016 Illustrator Prize, and has also spent some time honing her skills with Lilla Rogers’ MATS classes over the years.

Specialties: Cartoons/Editorial, Children's Book Illustration, General Book Illustration
Media: Digital – Mixed Media, Digital – Paint / Airbrush, Traditional – Mixed Media

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