Ana Maria Mendez Salgado

Ana is a visual storyteller passionate about designing characters, worlds and stories for illustration, comics and animation. The metaphors and poetry inhabiting sequential narratives, picture books and film have always inspired her.

Originally from Bogotá, she currently lives in Adelaide where she works as a freelance illustrator and a production designer and writer of animated stories at “KaruKaru Animation”. Her images have been published in Latin America and Australia, and the animations she’s co-directed and designed have won international awards.

She uses digital and traditional media, emphasising in elements like silhouettes, patterns and atmospheres, and loves working with colour to enhance story moments.

She adores being involved in projects that delve into fantasy, poetry, children’s literature and magic realism and her dream is to continue growing as a visual storyteller, collaborating with other amazing creators, offering beauty to the world, and giving life to her own stories.

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration, Graphic Novels / Comics
Media: Digital – Paint / Airbrush

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