Jack Money

Jack Martin is a fresh artist brimming with creativity inspired by comics, music, pop culture and the happenings of the world. Rumour has it he was born with a pen in his hand, as it is rare to see him without one while hunching over a drawing pad. Influenced heavily by illustrators like Patrick Brown, Jamie Hewlett, Tony Moore, Jim Ottley and Boneface, he fuses their work into his own under the pseudonym ‘JackMoney,’ which can be seen in his ever expanding portfolio. With this in mind, his work has a unique style that would be well suited for a wide audience. With a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Media, years experience in Freelance Illustration and full time Graphic Design roles, as well as having published an illustrated book of his own, he is especially eager to work with creative teams and creating artworks for various causes and projects.

Specialties: Cartoons, General Book Illustration, Graphic Novels / Comics, Storyboarding / Visualisation
Media: Digital – Mixed Media

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