Jennifer Goldsmith

A gentle thread of creativity has always wound its way through my days. As a young mother I designed and made unique soft toys inspired by our children’s play, going on to share my knowledge of toy making for others to discover handmade treasures with their children. My need to build and share characters now finds life through watercolour and pencil illustrations. Drawing inspiration from what I see around me and from my grandmother’s words, ‘our childhoods are so very short,’ I’m inspired again to bring families together through tender moments spent sharing stories. ‘Where Happiness Hides’ written by Anthony Bertini was the text of my dreams. Released in a time of isolation by Dirt Lane Press it’s a tale of free ranging children exploring friendship in a sometimes wild and wind-swept world. It’s so satisfying to collaborate with others and realise what’s possible when words and images meet.

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration
Media: Traditional – Watercolour

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