Kat Rattray

Kat is a true-blue Brit, born and raised in London and now resides in Geelong, Victoria with her family. Kat has rocked drawing ever since she was a little blue-eyed monster toddler. Specializing in illustrating children’s books came from reading to her monsters kidlets every night. “I just love the way drawings and words together create a magical buzz…turning an idea into inviting world with adventures and even the odd monster” Nowadays she is bursting with joy, she is fulfilling a dream to draw every day, working with fantastic authors and publishers. She is even winning awards and keeps on telling stories through her playful KATTERTASTIC illustrative style. Kat is cheeky and funny and loves to bring a smile & giggle through her colours and lines.

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration
Media: Digital – Mixed Media, Digital – Other, Digital – Paint / Airbrush

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