Minerva Lamorgese

Minerva is an Italian born multidisciplinary artist and professional illustrator. Influenced by her childhood growing up surrounded by the vibrancy of Italy’s artistic culture and her last seven years falling in love with Australia’s natural environments, her works inspire a nostalgic essence of returning to the child within us all. Minerva has a Diploma in Children’s Book Illustration, extending her knowledge in design and narrative illustration, and in 2009 authored and illustrated her first book ‘The Magic Seed.’ Since then, she has been the illustrator for various educational and community projects. She predominantly works with watercolors, inks, acrylics, pastels, graphite, and digital techniques to create her works and brings these illustrations to life through papier-machè sculptures. Since launching her brand Mivart Creations and giving birth to her daughter Mira in 2018, she has been further celebrated the magic of stories whilst educating children through creativity.

Specialties: Cartoons/Editorial, Children's Book Illustration
Media: Traditional – Mixed Media, Traditional – Pencil, Traditional – Watercolour

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