Nelle Pierce

Nelle May Pierce is an illustrator and writer based in Melbourne. She creates imaginative content for a broad range of applications, and is currently working on a children’s book.

Curiosity and exploration drive Nelle’s work and she is primarily inspired by childhood, nature, imaginative stories and what it means to be a thinking human on planet earth.

Nelle really enjoys sharing her passion for words and pictures with others. So far, her children’s workshops have taken her from Castlemaine to Cambodia and as a professional graphic recorder, she brings ideas to life by drawing and graphic scribing live, helping organisations capture content on-the-go.

Specialties: Advertising / Commercial, Cartoons, Children's Book Illustration, General Book Illustration, Technical / Educational Illustration
Media: Digital – Mixed Media, Digital – Vector / Cel-shade, Traditional – Mixed Media, Traditional – Pen/Ink, Traditional – Watercolour

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