Sharon Clark

Sharon Clark is an Artist and Author with a background in the visual arts, early childhood education and art therapy.  A life long love of drawing, illustration and creative writing led Sharon to publish her first children’s picture book “Dream” in 2016. She has worked as an illustrator on several projects including a current book being published by the Little Gnome Bookshop in Brisbane. Sharon has exhibited her work in a variety of settings and has been continually involved in art practice since graduating from her B. A. Fine Art in 1990. Sharon has complimented her creative and professional life working as a community artist and a registered teacher.  In 2018 Sharon started her own publishing imprint, Dream Blossom Press, as an avenue for her illustration and writing work. She continues to illustrate her own work as well as collaborate with others.

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration, General Book Illustration
Media: Traditional – Acrylic / Oil Paint, Traditional – Other, Traditional – Pen/Ink, Traditional – Watercolour

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