Sofya Karmazina

Sofya Karmazina is a Sydney-based illustrator specialising in children’s books. She draws both digitally and using traditional media or combining these two approaches together. Having had an extensive training in drawing and painting, she often experiments with different techniques and materials in her studio. Every book project is different and, therefore, requires its own visual language. In her illustrations, Sofya always tries to understand the story and its true feeling, revealing the inner meaning and parallels. Her illustrated picture books include ‘The Internot (written by Josh Lawson) and ‘Ribbit Rabbit Robot’ (written by Victoria Mackinlay), which has been shortlisted for CBCA Award for New Illustrator 2021.

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration
Media: Digital – Mixed Media, Traditional – Acrylic / Oil Paint, Traditional – Mixed Media

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