Stephanie Hicks

Melbourne-based artist Stephanie Hicks works with drawing, artist’s books, textiles and primarily, collage. Her practice is informed by traditions of printmaking, craft and decorative arts, and a love of picture books and storytelling. The collection and arrangement of photographic images is central to Stephanie’s creative practice. Disparate fragments are brought into new relationships with one another to create a visual dialogue or poetry, in which the wonderful becomes familiar and the familiar, wonderful. Stephanie has over ten years of experience in the public presentation of her work. Further, through her tertiary studies in Visual Arts and Education, and employment as a Children’s and Youth Librarian, she has a sound understanding of childhood development and familiarity with children’s literature, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration, General Book Illustration
Media: Digital – Mixed Media, Traditional – Mixed Media

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