Tig Beswick

Tig Beswick is a freelance illustrator with a background in fine arts, graphic design and printmaking. For many years Tig was an independent printer producing advertising images whilst also teaching various printmaking techniques in Sydney. She went on to study gemmology and spent fifteen years as a designer in leading jewellery houses.

Tig has travelled and lived in many countries and is heavily influenced by her school free youth roaming around Europe and Japan with many return visits in later years. After a long drive around Australia, Tig found herself drawn to study the natural science world which features heavily in her current portfolio.

Aside from producing imagery for editorial, advertising and printed materials, Tig has self-initiated projects where she experiments with combining old and new processes such as digital scientific imagery and macro photography, with lost processes such as silverpoint and medieval illumination techniques. She now lives in Canberra.

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration, General Book Illustration, Technical / Educational Illustration
Media: Traditional – Mixed Media, Traditional – Other, Traditional – Pen/Ink, Traditional – Pencil, Traditional – Printmaking, Traditional – Watercolour

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