Wendi Seymour

Wendi was born  in 1959 in BoxHill Victoria.

Often housebound with asthma, as a 60’s kid, pre-Ventolin days, she entertained herself memorising and copying the drawings in her  favourite  books Winnie the Pooh, the magic faraway tree, and Ronald Searle’s, St Trinian illustrations  among a few, inspiring her.

A multidisciplinary artist, Wendi, paints in both Pastel and Acrylic, sketches in pencil and graphite and draws and stipples in pen, charcoal and ink. Scratchboard lately has her interest as it involves fine lines and detail.

Wendi lives on the Mornington Peninsula and travels up to Melbourne’s Eastern  suburbs where she works as a floral designer/ Florist . Popular with her customers for her creativity and skill to listen to requests and attention to detail.

Her works have hung in numerous art-shows and exhibitions ,and homes, her favourite prize being people’s choice.

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration, General Book Illustration
Media: Traditional – Other, Traditional – Pastel, Traditional – Pen/Ink, Traditional – Pencil

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