Lauren Herraman

With watercolour, pen and pencils as her tools, Lauren Herraman employs a traditional hand drawn approach and style to every piece she creates. She delights in the unfolding of the creative process and has a passion for drawing animals, people and nature. Her images provide a glimpse into imaginative worlds, with scenes that are detailed, vibrant and playful with a sense of humour and a quirky twist. Her work brings her and those who view it a unique sense of happiness. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her work with others and it is her greatest aspiration to have her illustrations seen by larger audiences. Over the years Lauren has developed various collections of work, which she has exhibited and sells her illustrated cards and prints in local Adelaide stores, at markets and online. She has also created numerous custom illustrations for clients within Australia and overseas.

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration, Design / Logos
Media: Traditional – Watercolour

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