The ASA Style File is a curated site showcasing the work of Australia’s illustrators to anyone seeking to employ the best talent for a wide variety of projects.

While it has met its original aim of becoming a respected source of high quality illustrators for the Australian publishing community and has launched the careers of many well-known Australian illustrators, the new site has a much broader remit. This includes a commitment to providing access to a wider range of illustrators with the skills and experience to provide high quality work for a increased variety of work opportunities.

Since the new website launched in October 2018, we have received 109 job enquiries through ASA Style File portfolios. This means about 75% of illustrators featured on Style File have received a professional offers directly through the platform so far.

The ASA Style File service includes:

  • 9-image SEO-enhanced portfolios featured on, which is regularly promoted to the ASA’s network and wider industry network.
  • Advertisement in the International Marketplace each year as part of the annual subscription. This Marketplace invites international agents, publishers and scouts to discover the Australian talent on offer in our membership.
  • A streamlined browsing system which will allow potential employers to find illustrators easily and quickly.
  • A Job Board providing potential employers an opportunity to advertise their illustration jobs to the ASA Style File network.
  • Access to exclusive Illustrator mentorships and free entry to the ASA Style File Illustration Award Mentorships

Submission Process and Requirements:

Key Dates

The last round of submissions took place in October-November 2019.

To stay informed when the next round of submissions is announced, please email to receive a notification.

Key Information

In order to ensure that ASA Style File promotes portfolios of a professional standard, illustrators wishing to be included must submit their work for approval by an expert panel. Applications must meet the Terms and Conditions and be submitted via the online form.

There is a $20 (inc GST) administration fee to submit an application to ASA Style File. You do not need to be an ASA member to submit either, but if your submission is successful you will have to join the ASA and pay an annual Style File subscription fee of $96 (inc GST).

Submission requirements

You must submit 9 images from your portfolio, selecting one specialty and one medium for each image. These categories will determine how the illustrations can be searched on the portfolio website.

The full list of categories can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

The images will be need to be submitted as JPEG or PNG files and have square dimensions with a minimum width and height of 1920 pixels (i.e. 1920 x 1920 pixels). We recommend keeping the images at or below 72dpi where possible.

You will also be asked to provide a 150-word max. bio and contact information for your portfolio.

How do I submit?

Pay your application fee and submit your portfolio via the link below:




To be notified when the next round of submissions is confirmed, please email