Philip Blythe

From Belfast Ireland I discovered the ‘wanderlust’ of life embarking on a period of travel through the art colonies of the USA, artist in residence in the Dominican Republic & life as an expeditionary artist with Raleigh International. Now a Queenslander I live in Redcliffe with my wife an artist, a couple of enthusiastically entertaining border collies and a pair of ‘let’s find something else to chew up’ Alexandrine parrots!
My studio is symptomatic of my mind- collections of found objects from far flung places; books & collectibles and I guess that well used word- ‘things’
My work experience runs from editorial spreads, stamp design, calendars, book covers and children’s picture books both as author & illustrator.
The puzzle as an element is always a source of intrigue in my ideas & like the ‘Everlasting gobstopper’ in Willy Wonka there must be something to draw the viewer back time and again. Research is key both for the narrative and visual. I draw from life where possible & check facts to ensure accuracy; apart from anything I enjoy this as much as the final artwork itself!

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration
Media: Traditional – Mixed Media

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