Anna Kovacs

Anna is a self-taught artist located in Canberra. She has been a creative all her life. Preferences for mediums are the more traditional mediums and she is extending her work as well into sculpture. She has a fascination with the human form; it is a complex, dynamic, beautiful natural structure. The familiarity of it also renders it one of the most complex forms to depict; everyone has a body, we all unknowingly know if a perspective, flow, position is spot on or not quite right. It’s a wonderful challenge to master. Her interest in the natural world also has led to a vast interest in fauna and the environment, which she depicts in her artwork. One of the aims of Anna’s artwork is to raise awareness of threatened species, particularly those which are sadly/horrifically listed as endangered from Australia.

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration, General Book Illustration
Media: Traditional – Acrylic / Oil Paint, Traditional – Pastel, Traditional – Pencil

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