Sadami Konchi

Enthusiastic children’s picturebook illustrator, May Gibbs Fellow, award winning portraitist and event sketcher, Sydney based. Greatest strength: “Empathic portraits”. Her work is spontaneous and beautiful. Figures appear lively and emotionally. Style is broad from whimsical cartoons to fine art for multifarious subjects by traditional and digital medium. Her picturebook mentors are Australia celebration Ann James and highly respected Publisher Helen Chamberlin who has nurtured Shaun Tan and many talented Australian picturebook creators. BA at Sydney Uni. Majors are in linguistics and sociology. Discovered by Donna Rawlins and Wayne Harris, Sadami has become the artist. The linguistic training enables Sadami to analyse the text in detail and organise appropriate story boards for the target audience. Sociological methods and research skills are used to capture insights from a text and conceptualise it. Also, in only a few minutes, her quick portraits capture models in any posture with any facial expression on spot. 

Specialties: Children's Book Illustration, Design / Logos, Graphic Novels / Comics, Technical / Educational Illustration
Media: Digital – Mixed Media, Traditional – Pen/Ink, Traditional – Pencil, Traditional – Watercolour

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